Write clean code and build better Rails apps!

Hi there. 👋 At Semaphore we're passionate about writing well-designed code. That's why we published many Ruby tutorials focused on TDD/BDD. We're now working on a book — the ultimate guide to behavior-driven development with Rails 5.

Topics that it will cover include:
  • Introduction to BDD concepts and applying them in practice in a Rails project
  • Setting up all the right gems: RSpec, Cucumber, FactoryGirl, etc.
  • A hands-on walkthrough of implementing a full feature the BDD way
  • Writing acceptance tests with Cucumber
  • Test-driving Rails controllers and models
  • Understanding mocking and stubbing, and when to use them
  • Automating testing with continuous integration
BDD is simply a way to write better code. The Ultimate Guide to BDD with Rails gives you knowledge to create Ruby on Rails applications that have fewer bugs, are easier to maintain and don't slow you down as the codebase grows.

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