Write clean code and build better Rails apps

Hi there. 👋 At Semaphore we're passionate about writing well-designed code. That's why we published many Ruby tutorials focused on TDD/BDD. We're now working on a book — the Rails testing handbook that will help you build sustainable web apps with Behavior-Driven Development.

Topics that it will cover include:
  • How to get in the BDD mindset and apply it in building Ruby on Rails web apps;
  • Setting up the right tools: RSpec, Cucumber, database cleaner and more;
  • Developing features from scratch in red - green - refactor cycles;
  • Writing Cucumber scenarios;
  • Writing controller tests using RSpec with mocking approach;
  • Writing model specs with RSpec;
  • How to collaborate via pull requests and continuous integration.
BDD is simply a way to write better code. Rails Testing Handbook gives you the knowledge you need to create Ruby on Rails applications that have fewer bugs, are easier to maintain and don't slow you down as the codebase grows.

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